Hacker Academy: Creating Cyber Warriors for a Secure Digital World

In today’s digital age, the proliferation of technology and its widespread usage have transformed the internet into a focal point for information, communication, and trade. Nonetheless, this heavy reliance on technology also exposes us to the dangers of cybercrimes and security threats. As a result, the demand for cybersecurity experts has become essential. That’s where Hacker Academy comes in.


Started in 2020 by Kanav Kesar and Aadish Jain , Hacker Academy is a platform that provides affordable cybersecurity education and training to students. The Academy has taught over 1 lakh students live, with over 2 lakh followers on social media platforms. The company has millions of video views, a testament to its effectiveness.


Kanav Kesar and Aadish Jain established this enterprise with the intent to fill the gap in cybersecurity education. They recognized that many individuals were unaware of the consequences of cyber-attacks and the potential risks to the future of technology. Therefore, they sought to create a platform that could offer a more effective approach to educating people about cybersecurity.


Aadish Jain’s experience in assisting his acquaintances, relatives, and neighbors in the digital domain highlighted the importance of cybersecurity education. Kanav Kesar embraced the idea of using his skills to help people worldwide and began transitioning his business digitally. This initiative enabled him to connect with millions of individuals and achieve tangible results.


Hacker Academy envisions spreading awareness among people about the consequences of falling prey to cyber-attacks and aims to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to protect themselves. The enterprise strives to educate students who wish to pursue this domain by sharing its expertise. Furthermore, the courses provided by Hacker Academy are economical, making them accessible to all, including individuals with modest or low incomes.


Kanav Kesar identified a deficiency in cybersecurity education, as there were no entry-level and intermediate-level courses available that allowed for a comprehensive exploration of the field. Consequently, he resolved to establish an affordable and inclusive service accessible to all students in India. Hacker Academy  is committed to refining the program’s internal systems to enhance the outcomes for students.


Hacker Academy’s primary goal is to develop a cohort of cyber warriors who can counteract cyber-crimes and threats in India and the rest of the world. Kanav Kesar and Aadish Jain asserts that the future of the cybersecurity industry is promising, given that the internet is still undergoing significant transformations. Kanav Kesar  wants to create ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists who can help protect the world’s digital future.


Kanav Kesar and Aadish Jain’s experience working with a CBI Officer in Cybersecurity taught them that India needs ethical hackers to safeguard its digital landscape. They are committed to ensuring that everyone has sufficient knowledge of cybersecurity. Policemen and ordinary citizens often lack adequate knowledge of hacking, and they face consequences from those who exploit their ignorance. Hacker Academy is working to ensure that everyone is aware of cybersecurity and that eligible individuals can pursue this field for themselves and their country’s bright future.


Aadish Jain’s passion for coding and computers started in his childhood, and he pursued computer science at Chandigarh University. His exploration of the field led him to identify a significant gap in cybersecurity education, which he is together with Kanav Kesar,  now working to address.


Kanav Kesar, as the driving force behind Hacker Academy, has made significant strides in promoting cybersecurity education. Hacker Academy is a game-changer in the field of cybersecurity education. Its affordable and accessible courses are creating a community of cyber warriors who will protect India and the world’s digital future. With a booming cybersecurity industry and an evolving internet, the need for ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists is higher than ever. Hacker Academy is providing the education and training needed to meet this need.


To learn more about Hacker Academy visit their website https://hackersacademy.com/ 


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