November 26, 2023: The second collaboration of the ‘Porinju Mariyam Jose’ team ‘Antony’ has released its trailer. The trailer has garnered positive reviews, generating anticipation among film enthusiasts. The film is produced by Einstin Zac Paul, and co-produced by Sushilkumar Agrawal, Rajat Agrawal, Nitin Kumar, Gokul Varma, and Krishnaraj Rajan, […]

27 November 2023, Mumbai: Doctors weave a vital thread, conducting health check-ups and diagnosing issues affecting both mental and physical well-being. This noble profession demands specialized knowledge acquired through years of rigorous education and training. Upon entering this еstееmеd profession, doctors solemnly pledge their integrity, vowing to refrain from any […]

Teja Bodepudi – Founder Rapport Shoes & Director Profit Shoes   IntroductionIn the dynamic landscape of the footwear industry, Teja Bodepudi emerges as a mastermind and trailblazer, spearheading the success of two iconic shoe brands – Tanners and Rapport Shoes. As the director of Profit Shoes, he carries forward a rich […]

Mumbai-based media powerhouse, Grisu Media Arts, has joined forces with the Gora Foundation Sri Ganganagar to champion the cause of organ donation on National Organ Donation Day. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Grisu Media Arts has released a compelling YouTube video series ( )  dedicated to spreading awareness and fostering […]

Born on June 30, 1999, in the picturesque town of Satara, Maharashtra, Dr. Abhijeet Ombase has emerged as a prominent figure in the intersection of technology, education, and community development. Early Life and Education Dr. Abhijeet Ombase’s journey began in Satara, where he spent his formative years. Displaying academic prowess […]

Mr . Sharathi Arunachalam is an Indian entrepreneur who served as the Managing Director and Chairman of the World’s largest leading Machine Manufacturer’s . GI TECHNOLOGIES . He was born in 1972 in Ananthapuram Village , Villupuram District , Tamilnadu into a middle – class family . Mr . Sharathi […]