Arbitration has emerged as a preferred method of dispute resolution in the globalized business environment due to its efficiency, confidentiality, and flexibility. With the increasing number of cross-border transactions, the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards have gained significant importance. India, with its growing economic clout, has been actively […]

Brands are increasingly using WhatsApp API to sell and build stronger customer relationship. Kiacart supporting well-known brands such as BEST BULL Local Mama Psychologist Dr Dhalla Glamour World JASH INFRA Red Star Immigration Pvt Ltd Heeraji Collection Betwins United Pest Management GulabiZilla FreshBox Agro Covalent Guntier Silver Store Om Shanti […]

The Indian rail network, a lifeline for millions of passengers daily, faces constant challenges in meeting the demands of its diverse travellers. Long-distance routes, particularly those connecting major cities like Mumbai to North India, are vital arteries of travel for both business and leisure. However, recent reports highlight significant difficulties […]