Briquetales is a one-stop-shop for luxury home décor. We offer our customers eclectic, minimalist and exclusive showpieces, decorative accents and other luxury Interior design products from luxury brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Bohemia Crystal, Moser, Halama, Lamborghini, Ceramiche Piemme, Keraban, Jiri Pacinek, Preciosa, Borek Sipek etc .We are passionate about […]

Step into a realm where luxury intertwines with lifestyle. Welcome to LuxeCode Magazine, the definitive source for everything related to luxury living and design. In an era where style meets functionality, LuxeCode Magazine is your go-to publication for the latest trends, insights, and inspirations in high-end interiors and architecture. Whether […]

“Innovating India: Leaders Beyond Boundaries” spotlights visionary pioneers driving India’s transformation through groundbreaking innovations. These trailblazers transcend traditional limits, fostering progress in technology, healthcare, sustainability, and education. Their stories inspire a global audience, highlighting India’s pivotal role in shaping a dynamic, inclusive, and forward-thinking future. Ritesh Agarwal Ritesh Agarwal, founder […]

CMF, the sub-brand of London-based technology company Nothing, announced that its debut smartphone, CMF Phone 1, with its unique adaptable design, is being manufactured in India. With this move, the company aims to harness the rich manufacturing ecosystem of the country while investing in the local economy, fostering technological innovation […]

Shreeji Jewellers situated in Ahmedabad has built a reputation for providing unique and intricate jewellery designs coupled with exceptional service. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base. Driven by respect and gratitude towards their customers, Shreeji Jewellers continues to contribute to society in […]